Corporate Governance

ERC assigns central importance to the implementation of rigorous corporate governance practices. ERC believes that a robust, proactive approach to corporate governance is vital to the interests of both the individual company — boosting investor confidence by protecting the value of their shares — and the business community by providing a regulatory framework for healthy competition. ERC is committed to implementing best practices in corporate governance and attaining top ranking among Egyptian listed companies.

Our corporate governance policies are available for download under our Presentations and Publications link.

Audit Committee
The Audit Committee oversees the Corporate Accountability of the Company, assisting the Board by monitoring the integrity of ERC’s financial reporting process, systems of internal audits and controls as well as financial statements and reports. The Audit Committee also monitors ERC’s compliance with legal and regulatory requirements and is responsible for recommending and overseeing ERC’s independent auditors. The Committee maintains frequent, open communication with the independent auditor, the internal auditor and Management. This communication includes periodic private executive sessions with each of these parties.

Dr Khaled Hegazy (Member)
Mr. Mohamed Daabis (Member)
Mr. Maged Abd ElRazek (Member)

Nomination and Remuneration Committee
The Nomination and Remuneration Committee meets regularly to review the Company’s HR practices, policies and procedures, and organizational structure and develop strategies to improve the Company’s ability to attract, select, hire and retain the most suitable talent. The HR Committee recommends additional policies that ensure that salaries, benefits, bonuses, pensions, development and training are competitive and optimal to ERC’s business model. This not only safeguards shareholder interests, but also ensures the long-term sustainability of the Company.

Mr. Mohamed Kamel (Chairperson)
Dr. Eskander Tooma (Member)
Mohamed Taaema (Member)
Mr. Ahmed Abu Hendia (Member)

Strategic Committee
The Technical Committee has been formed for the general purpose of studying and analyzing the issues and topics assigned to it by the Board of Directors and/or the Chairman of the Board, to revert back with advice, and to give recommendations regarding technical aspects of the operational performance of the Company.

Mohamed Samir Sayed Abdel Fatah (Chairperson)
Mr. Ahmed Abou Hendia (Member)
Dr. Hussein Abo Seada (Member)
Mr. Mohamed Kamel (Member)
Dr. Eskander Tooma (Member)